West Papua 2018 Tour Report


 Tuesday 26th June – Monday 23rd July


Either for rarity value, excellent views or simply a group favourite:

  • Biak Scrubfowl
  • Snow Mountain Quail
  • Salvadori’s Teal
  • Papuan Harrier
  • Grey-headed Goshawk
  • White-striped Forest-Rail
  • New Guinea Woodcock
  • Western Crowned Pigeon
  • Palm Cockatoo
  • Goldie’s Lorikeet
  • Painted Tiger-Parrot
  • Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot
  • Red-breasted Pygmy-Parrot
  • Sooty Owl
  • Papuan Boobook
  • Archbold’s Nightjar
  • Mountain Owlet-nightjar
  • Numfor Paradise-Kingfisher
  • Hook-billed Kingfisher
  • Yellow-billed Kingfisher
  • Lesser Melampitta
  • Papuan Pitta
  • Spotted Jewel-babbler
  • Greater Ground-Robin
  • Vogelkop Bowerbird
  • Orange-cheeked Honeyeater
  • MacGregor’s Honeyeater
  • Tit Berrypecker
  • Crested Berrypecker
  • Papuan Treecreeper
  • Wattled Ploughbill
  • Biak Monarch
  • Black-breasted Boatbill
  • Western Parotia
  • Arfak Astrapia
  • Black Sicklebill
  • Pale-billed Sicklebill
  • Long-tailed Paradigalla
  • Greater Superb Bird of Paradise
  • Vogelkop Superb Bird of Paradise
  • Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise
  • Wilson’s Bird of Paradise
  • Magnificent Bird of Paradise
  • Red Bird of Paradise
  • Lesser Bird of Paradise
  • Black-chinned Robin
  • Green-backed Robin
  • Mountain Firetail
  • Great-billed Manakin
  • Blue-faced Parrotfinch

This epic trip started on the islands of Biak and Numfor with all the target birds seen including Biak Scrubfowl, Biak Scops-Owl, Biak Paradise-Kingfisher, Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot and the stunning Numfor Paradise-Kingfisher. Moving on to the Snow Mountains, daily birding from a very pleasant Hotel instead of camping (which used to be compulsory due to access) made birding this area much more comfortable. The group enjoyed great views of the giant MacGregor’s Honeyeater, Snow Mountain Quail, Painted Tiger Parrot, Greater Ground Robin, Lesser Melampitta, Superb Bird-of-Paradise, Splendid Astrapia, New Guinea Woodcock and Archbold’s Nightjar to name but a few. In Nimbokrang stunning views were obtained of Lesser Bird-of-Paradise, Pale-billed Sicklebill and Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise, whilst other highlights included Magnificent Riflebird, King Bird-of-Paradise, Jobi Manucode and Papuan Nightjar. On to the Arfak Mountains where the conditions where tough but the rewards were very high. Here the group had encounters with Magnificent Bird-of-Paradise, the rare and elusive Long-tailed Paradigalla, Western Parotia, Arfak Astrapia, Black Sicklebill, the incredible Vokelkop Bowerbird attending to its bower, Modest Tiger Parrot, Lesser Ground Robin, Mottled Berryhunter, Mountain Owlet-Nightjar, White-striped Forest Rail, Spotted Jewel-Babbler and lots more. The last destination was the island of Waigeo, which did not disappoint. The accommodation, set on a coral reef, is stunning and from this base a short drive took the group to some pristine lowland forest where mind-blowing views of Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise, Western Crowned Pigeon and Red Bird-of-Paradise were obtained.