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cyprus warbler

31 March - 7 April

Nobody does Cyprus like we do. In a private villa with our own cook. There's great birds guaranteed. Spring migration here is totally amazing and you never know just what will appear. Oh and it's a house party with free wine & more!.

moss-backed tanager

12 - 25 April

This is Ecuador with a difference. There's a few familiar sites but we'll move on quickly to Kapari Lodge, 23 de Junio Community, Mashpi, Playa de Oro, Alto Tambo & Chical Road. Think you know Ecuador? Think again!

yemen warbler

29 April - 7 May

It's not really on the birding map yet, but following our recent recce we can show you some amazing birds. There's Philby's Partridge, Yemen Warbler, Arabian Serin, Yemen Linnet, Yemen Thrush, Asir Magpie, Arabian Woodpecker & more!

blue-eyed ground dove
Blue-eyed Ground-Dove

We are in the process of adding some new tours for next year. In Oct 2023 we are running a fabulous tour to CENTRAL BRAZIL. You just have to read the itinerary to see the awesome list here. Meanwhile, we've added a 2 week trip to NORTHERN PERU in September targetting Marvelous Spatuletail, Long-whiskered Owlet, 4 sp of Antpitta, White-winged Guan, Maranon Thrush, Buff-bridled Inca-Finch & so, so much more! And also keep an eye out for some last minute additions such as an India Tiger tour, Ethiopia and maybe something else really special later this year! So let's go birding! , 

cyprus warbler
Cyorus Warbler

Featured Tour

arabian woodpecker
Arabian Woodpecker

29th April - 7th May 2023

It's still not on the birding map yet but Saudi Arabia ticks a lot of boxes for us birders. Firstly and most importantly, there's a great variety of birds to find including a number of Arabian endemics mixed in with an interesting bunch of African species and some great migrants. Most of the best birding sites are concentrated in the far south-west of the country, thus eliminating an excessiver amount of driving. The infrastructure is good, food is good and there's decent birding opportunities all year round. Add to this, direct flights from the UK and you have a perfect birding destination. Zoothera is one of the first bird tour companies to offer a tour to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and what an exciting destination this truly is. Our tour begins and ends in Riyadh. The desert to the north of the city is home to one of the most prized and little-known birds in the Middle East - Arabian Lark. There's also chances of Cream-coloured Courser, Thick-billed Lark and White-crowned Wheatear, whilst both Desert Owl and Pharaoh Eagle-Owl are present in nearby wadis. A short flight to Abha will take us to the far south-west of the country and is the gateway to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in all of Arabia. Here, we will look for Philby's Partridge, Arabian Woodpecker, Buff-breasted Wheatear, Yemen Thrush, Yemen Warbler, Asir Magpie, Arabian Golden Sparrow, Arabian Waxbill, Arabian Serin, Yemen Serin, Yemen Linnet and Arabian Grosbeak. There's a fine assortment of habitats to explore and it's not just all mountains, with deep valleys, reservoirs, lakes, farmland, parks and woodland hosting a fine supporting cast such as Arabian Partridge, Gabar Goshawk, Arabian Scops-Owl, Arabian Eagle-Owl, Abyssinian Nightjar, Dusky Turtle-Dove, Olive Pigeon, White-browed Coucal, Arabian Green Bee-eater, Rufous-capped Lark, Arabian Wheatear, African Stonechat, Arabian Babbler, Black Scrub-Robin, Palestine Sunbird, Arabian Sunbird, Long-billed & African Pipits, Brown Woodland Warbler, Little Rock-Thrush and many more. Heading south we will visit the fantastic birding site of Jazan Dam Lake where Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse, both Plain & Nubian Nightjars and many other great birds reside. Fields to the south are home to Harlequin & Small Buttonquails, Helmeted Guineafowl, Greater Painted Snipe, Spotted Thick-knee, African Swamphen, Abyssinian Roller, Singing Busklark, Black Scrub-Robin, Nile Valley Sunbird and others can be found. And then there's the fantastic coastal birding at Al Birk and Jazan where species such as Lesser Flamingo, Goliath Heron, Crab-Plover, White-eyed Gull, White-cheeked and Saunders's Terns, Mangrove White-eye, Mangrove Reed Warbler & more can be found. And that's our tour in a nutshell. So Saudi Arabia - why not?    TOUR INFO HERE

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