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arabian partridge

15- 23 March 2024

Oman is a perfect winter destination, choc full of great birds, good food, good roads and warm sunshine. We are based in a lovely hotel in Salalah, perfectly placed to visit numerous birding sites mostly within a short drive away. 


oriental plover

20 May - 05 June 2024

This is birding in a true wilderness as we explore the vast Mongolian steppe, mountains and taiga forests. This is THE tour to see Oriental Plover, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Black-billed Capercaillie, cranes, Relict Gull, Altai Snowcock & more!

steller's eider

29 May - 10 June 2024

A must-do tour visiting the boreal forests of Finland in search of Great Grey, Hawk, Tengmalm's, Ural & Eurasian Pygmy Owl. Plus a thrilling visit to Hornoya Island i Arctic Norway teeming with seabirds, plus Steller's and King Eiders, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit & others.


Uluguru Bushshrike
Uluguru Bushshrike

20th July - 4th August 2024
A very special tour looking for some of Africa's rarest species in an area seldom visited by other birders. We visit the South Pare Mountains, West & East Usambara Mountains, Uluguru Mountains & Ukaguru Mountains. With an extension to Pemba Island. 2 spaces left!
Let's go birding!   TOUR INFO HERE

Sharpe's Akalat
Sharpe's Akalat

Featured Tour

corsican nuthatch
Corsican Nuthatch


Another variation of our famous (or infamous!) house parties sees us on the mountainous Mediteranean island of Corsica where we will be starting our unique specialities tour that will also take us into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Our primary targets on Corsica are Corsican Nuthatch and Corsican Finch, with both Marmora's & Moltoni's Warblers also high on our wishlist. There's a fine supporting cast with Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, Alpine Chough, and all the usual Mediterranean species. As it is a Zoothera House Party we have our own private cook to cater for us and there's going to be the odd drink or three in the evening as we discuss the day's birding events. After 5 nights on this beautiful island we fly to Fes in Northern Morocco and will spend 5 nights as we travel to Rabat and Casablanca targetting the Western Palearcic mega Andalusian Hemipode, as well as Maghreb Owl (split from Tawny Owl), Marsh Owl and Atlas Flycatcher. We should also see a some other pretty cool species such as Double-spurred Francolin, Barbary Partridge, Marbled & White-headed DucksBlack-winged Kite, Eleonora's Falcon, Maghreb Lark (split from Crested Lark), Pallid Swift, African Blue Tit, Maghreb Magpie, African Chaffinch and more. And as it's prime spring migration time who knows what else we can find?

So let's go birding Western Palearctic style!     CORSICA & NORTHERN MOROCCO TOUR INFO HERE

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