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arabian grosbeak

04 - 17 November 2024

Gearing up for our 9th tour to this amazing country! Species such as Crab-Plover, Persian Shearwater, Desert Owl, Arabian Eagle Owl, Arabian Partridge, Persian & Arabian Wheatears, Hypocolius, Yemen Serin and much more!  Our last tour even saw Omani Owl.


sharpe's akalat

03 - 18 December 2024

THE best of Ecuador! How about Grey Tinamou, Guayaquil Woodpecker, Blue-throated Hillstar, Jocotoco Antpitta, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, El Oro Parakeet, Marañon Thrush, Orange-banded Flycatcher, Tumbes Sparrow and more?


brasilian merganser

09 - 22nd September 2024

A targeted speciality & endemics tour inc an extension to Carajas. How about Brazilian Merganser, Ocellated Crake, Dark-winged Trumpeter, Blue-eyed Ground-Dove, Hyacinth Visorbearer, Cipo Canastero, Cock-tailed Tyrant, Maned Wolf and so, so much more!



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masked shrike
Masked Shrike

15th - 23rd April 2025
As Kuwait is just inside the Western Palearctic boundary, there's a whole bunch of mega WP ticks just waiting for you. High up on the want list is Afghan Babbler, Basra Reed Warbler & Socotra Cormorant, along with Pallas's Gull, Bridled & Lesser Crested Terns, Black-crowned Sparrow-lark, Bank Myna, Ruppell's Weaver and possibly Crab-Plover too.   Let's go birding!   TOUR INFO HERE

bridled tern
Bridled Tern

Featured Tour

  • Japanese Robin k5 - Hokkaido, July 2024
  • Narcissus Flycatcher - Hokkaido, July 2024
  • Ruddy Kingfisher 4 - Ishigaki, Japan, June 2024
  • Ryukyu Scops Owl e - Ishigaki, Japan, June 2024
  • Okinawa Rail 4 - Okinawa, Japan, June 2024
  • Blakiston's Fish Owl k7 - Hokkaido, July 2024
  • Ijima's Leaf Warbler - Miyake-Jima, Japan 2024
  • Yellow Bunting 2 - Karuizawa, Honshu, Japan, June 2024
  • Japanese Accentor 3 - Mount Fuji, Honshu, Japan, June 2024

    JAPAN  MAY/JUNE 2025

    Japan in Spring is one of the most exciting destinations out there! Each island has it's own set of special birds and we will visit 6 in pursuit of some incredible species. Beginning in Honshu we will visit the coastal marshes for Marsh Grassbird, Japanese Reed Bunting and others, before heading to the forested hills of Karuizawa. Here we will look for Japanese Woodpecker, Yellow Bunting and we can always dream about Copper Pheasant. Moving on to Mount Fuji where our prime targets include Japanese Leaf Warbler and Japanese Accentor. An overnight ferry journeyt will take us to Miyake-Jima for Izu Robin, Izu Thrush, Pleske's Grasshopper Warbler,  Owston's Tit and Ijima's Leaf Warbler. The return ferry journey gives us our best chances of some exciting seabirds such as Streaked, Wedge-tailed, Short-tailed and Sooty Shearwaters, Bonin Petrel, and even Short-tailed Albatross and Japanese Murrelet if we are very lucky. Moving on to Ishigaki-Jima we will look for Ryukyu Sxcops-Owl, Ryukyu Flycatcher, Ryukyu Green-Pigeon, Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher, Ishigaki Tit and Ryukyu Serpent-Eagle. Another short flight will take us to Okinawa for Okinawa Robin, Rail and Woodpecker before flying to Amami. Here we will look for Amami Woodcock, Amami Woodpecker, Amami Thrush & Lidth's Jay. And we will finsh up on Hokkaido for Blakiston's Fish Owl, Japanese Robin, Sakhalin & Middendorff's Grasshopper Warblers, Sakhalin Leaf Warbler & Grey Bunting. A boat trip will give us chances of Red-faced Cormorant, Spectacled Guillemot, Tufted Puffin, Rhinoceros Auklet, Black-footed and Laysan Albatross and who knows what else. This tour is definitely  going to be an exciting ride. 


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