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Here you can find a wide variety of exciting birding tours from around the world. Birding is our passion and we enjoy sharing our experience with other like-minded travellers, from beginners to expert alike. We truly believe that our combination of small groups, competitively priced and attractive itineraries, and our excellent leaders will provide you with the perfect birding and wildlife tour. So let's go birding!

Here's a selection of images  (on right) of species we should see on our NE Brazil tour in February 2021.

  • White-naped Jay - Serra de Araripe, NE Brazil 2019_00056
  • White-bibbed Antbird 5 - Serra Bonita, NE Brazil 2019_00128
  • Tawny-browed Owl - Boa Nova, NE Brazil 2019_00068
  • Tawny Piculet - NE Brazil 2019_00021
  • Scale-throated Hermit - Boa Nova, NE Brazil 2019_00084
  • Planalto Slaty Antshrike (female) - Serra de Araripe, NE Brazil 2019_00047
  • Ochre-backed Woodpecker 2 - Serra de Araripe, NE Brazil 2019_00034
  • Lear's Macaw - NE Brazil 2019 by Nick Bray
  • Hooded Visorbearer - Chapada Diamantina, NE Brazil 2019_00047
  • Great Xenops - Serra de Araripe, NE Brazil 2019_00029
  • Giant Snipe - Boa Nova, NE Brazil 2019_00071
  • Collared Crescentchest - Chapada Diamantina, NE Brazil 2019_00036
  • Araripe Manakin - Serra de Araripe, NE Brazil 2019_00064
  • White-bellied Tanager - Veracel Reserve, NE Brazil 2019_00146
  • Slender Antbird - NE Brazil
  • Sincora Antwren - NE Brazil
puerto rican tody
Puerto Rican Tody


Many Zoothera Birding travellers will have questions about the current situation surrounding Covid-19 and how this will impact future tours. Please rest assured we are doing our best for all of our clients, ground agents, suppliers and local guides and are taking the latest advice from vatious sources including the UK Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice website. Decisions on future tours status are being made in a chronological order and we are awaiting advice on how to proceed.


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So why not join a Zoothera tour and let us take you to some of the best birding locations to see some amazing birds?


Let's set up scopes on a full, working cruise ship and search the southern ocean from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There's so much to see from Wandering Albatross and King Penguin to Pincoya Storm-Petrel and Juan Fernandez Petrel.
See the full tour info here - Cape Horn Cruise

king penguin
King Penguin
wandering albatross
Wandering Albatross


jamaican tody

We will be targetting the 18 PR endemics and 32 DR endemics on these beautiful Caribbean Islands.

bee hummingbird

Cuba in winter. Perfect! There's another 28 endemics to find at a relaxed pace.

black rosy-finch

Snow-capped mountains, deserts, lakes and 3 species of rosy-finch. And the cranes at Bosque del Apache.

Wallcreeper copyright Nikhil Devasar


There's nowhere like the Himalayas, it's a treasurehouse of awesome birds. We are truly excited to be running two tours in conjunction with Birdwatch Magazine.  

Just click on each tour below for info.

North India 20th - 30th November 2020

Classic Himalayas 28th Nov - 10th December 2020