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yemen warbler

13- 21 April 2024

Packed full of Arabian endemics like the Yemen Warbler above, plus some great migrants. Saudi ticks a lot of boxes and it's easy! Come with us as we travel from the deserts near Riyadh to the Red Sea Coast and the magnificent Asir highlands and mountains! 


black-billed capercaillie

20 May - 05 June 2024

This is birding in a true wilderness as we explore the vast Mongolian steppe, mountains and taiga forests. This is THE tour to see Oriental Plover, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Black-billed Capercaillie, cranes, Relict Gull, Altai Snowcock, Kozlov's Accentor & more!



20 July - 04 August 2024

This is going to be great. The fabled Eastern Arc Mountains. Way off the beaten track and an adventure - who could resist? Searching for endemics in the Usambara, Uluguru & Ukagura Mountains. Plus the South PAre Mountains and ending with Pemba Island. Wow!



Uluguru Bushshrike
Uluguru Bushshrike

20th July - 4th August 2024
A very special tour looking for some of Africa's rarest species in an area seldom visited by other birders. We visit the South Pare Mountains, West & East Usambara Mountains, Uluguru Mountains & Ukaguru Mountains. With an extension to Pemba Island. 2 spaces left!
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Sharpe's Akalat
Sharpe's Akalat

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oriental plover
This is the best tour to see Oriental Plover


Mongolia is one of the most untamed countries on earth with more than 80% of the land remaining as wilderness. This amazing land is Central Asia at its best and, of course, the former domain of Genghis Khan and the heart of the great Mongol Empire. This trip will be a real adventure as well as a very memorable birding experience with some awesome scenery, visiting vast wetlands, grasslands, Taiga forests and mountains. Beginning in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbataar, we will visit a wide variety of habitats on this tour, spending most nights out in the wilderness in traditional Mongolian “gers” and tented camps in order to be close to the wildlife.  Visiting larch forests and river valleys, where we will see a wide variety of Asian migrant species, allows us to search for some really spectacular birds including Azure Tit, Black-billed Capercaillie, Rufous-backed (Eversmann’s) Redstart and several species of woodpecker.  Wetlands and Steppe will be a feature of this trip and these areas will provide some wonderful open-country birding which allows us to get great views of a large number of ducks & geese, shorebirds, larks, pipits, finches and raptors. Fantastic birds including Steppe Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Saker Falcon, Demoiselle Crane, Swan Goose and Mongolian Lark are likely to be our companions in these habitats and key targets will include Oriental Plover, White-naped Crane, Pallas’s Fish Eagle and Relict Gull. We will also find ourselves in semi-desert and mountains where we can see birds typical of Central Asia - finches, shrikes, raptors, buntings and chats – as well as some special attractions including Wallcreeper, Altai Snowcock, Henderson’s Ground Jay and Pallas’s Sandgrouse. The tour will conclude in Ulaanbataar but not before visiting the beautiful Hustai National Park where Preswalksi’s Horse roams free and birds such as Meadow Bunting, Amur Falcon and Daurian Partridge are likely. Mongolia - why not?


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