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Here you can find a wide variety of exciting birding tours from around the world. Birding is our passion and we enjoy sharing our experience with other like-minded travellers, from beginners to expert alike. We truly believe that our combination of small groups, competitively priced and attractive itineraries, and our excellent leaders will provide you with the perfect birding and wildlife tour. So let's go birding!

The cracking Puerto Rican Screech Owl  (on right) is a species we will see very well on our Caribbean tour in March 2021.

Puerto Rican Screech Owl
puerto rican tody
Puerto Rican Tody


Many Zoothera Birding travellers will have questions about the current situation surrounding Covid-19 and how this will impact future tours. Please rest assured we are doing our best for all of our clients, ground agents, suppliers and local guides and are taking the latest advice from vatious sources including the UK Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice website. Decisions on future tours status are being made in a chronological order and we are awaiting advice on how to proceed.


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New Tours

We've been busy adding some new tours to our website over the holidays, and there will be more on the way in the very near future!

Here's just a few tours to whet the appetite!

fischer's starling

Our take on Tanzania will see us exploring the West & East Usambara Mountains in search of endemics and truly scarce birds such as Pot-throat, Black-fronted Bushshrike (left), Usambara Akalat, Füllerborn´s Boubou, Red-capped Forest Warbler and Usambara Weaver amongst others. We also visit the South Pare Mountains, Arusha & Tarangire for the full safari experience including all the mammals one would expect. See the full Usambara Mountains itinerary here.

wilson's bird-of-paradise

Our unique 2 week tour visits the Cyclops & Arfak Mountains, Sorong & Waigeo. Imagine watching the amazing displays of Wilson's, Twelve-wired and King Bop's. Othe key species inc Red, Lesser & Magnificent Bop's, Pale-billed Sicklebill, Vogelkop Superb Bop, Western Parotia, Vogelkop Bowerbird, Western Crowned Pigeon, Papuan Pitta and more.  Just 2 spaces left!

crescent-faced antpitta

Colombia has quickly risen to stardom as the number one birding destination in South America. With its 1900+ species of birds, it holds more than any other country in the world. Of added interest are the almost 90 endemic species to be found here. We’ll look for such iconic birds as Bogota Rail, Brown-banded, Bicolored, Crescent-faced (left), Undulated and Slate-crowned Antpittas & much more! A visit to the fabled Santa Marta Mountains at the end of the tour provides a fitting climax to an awesome tour.

Birdwatch Magazine Reader Holidays to India

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Birdwatch Magazine and are offering two reader holidays to northern India in late 2020.

The first tour visits Jhalana Safari Park in search of Leopard, before heading to Ranthambhore, which offers a great chance to observe the majestic Bengal Tiger, as well as Painted Spurfowl (right). Following this we will head to Agra and the incomparable Taj Mahal before reaching the Chambal River with its Indian Skimmers, and finally the birding mecca of Bharatpur. As well as the amazing wildlife, we will, of course, focus on the wealth of birdlife on offer. From Sarus Cranes and Black-necked Storks, to some of the best birds in the subcontinent such as Black-bellied Tern, Indian Courser, Painted Sandgrouse, Siberian Rubythroat, Brook's Leaf Warbler and Sind Sparrow.

See here for our tour info - Northern India

painted spurfowl

Our second tour reaches the foothills of the mighty Himalayas at Corbett National Park, Pangot and Sat Tal. Key target species include Ibisbill and Wallcreeper, but there's a multitude of other amazing species. High on our 'want list' will be Cheer and Koklass Pheasants,  Tawny Fish Owl, Scaly-bellied and Himalayan  Woodpeckers, Collared Falconet, Black-headed Jay, Scaly-breasted Wren-Babbler, Chestnut-headed Tesia, Upland Pipit, Spot-winged Grosbeak and more amongst a plethora of babblers, bulbuls, thrushes, warblers, finches and buntings. Plus the added exceitement of more Tiger sightings.

These tours are designed to be taken separately or joined together - either way they are both packed with exciting birds and mammals for us to discover.

See here for tour info - Classic Himalayas

scaly-bellied woodpecker