Friday 12th April – Friday 19th April


Either for rarity value, excellent views or simply a group favourite:

  • Rufous-bellied Heron
  • African Goshawk
  • Ayres’s Hawk-Eagle
  • African Crowned Eagle
  • Sooty Falcon
  • Ovambo Sparrowhawk
  • Grey-breasted Spurfowl
  • Hildebrandt’s Francolin
  • Crested Guineafowl
  • Hartlaub’s Bustard
  • Heuglin’s Courser
  • Chestnut-banded Plover
  • Caspian Plover
  • Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
  • Meyer’s Parrot
  • Yellow-collared Lovebird
  • Schalow’s Turaco
  • Usambiro Barbet
  • Beesley’s Lark
  • Pangani Longclaw
  • Arrow-marked Babbler
  • Red-capped Robin-Chat
  • Eastern Bearded Scrub-Robin
  • Sooty Chat
  • Silverbird
  • Lynes’s Cisticola
  • Fan-tailed Grassbird
  • Karamoja Apalis
  • Brown-headed Apalis
  • Grey-capped Warbler
  • Red-throated Tit
  • Black-fronted Bushshrike
  • Kenrick’s Starling
  • Ashy Starling
  • Rufous-tailed Weaver
  • Taveta Golden Weaver
  • Red-throated (Peter’s) Twinspot
  • Quail-Finch
  • Oriole Finch
  • Caracal
  • Wildebeest migration

This was a great African adventure as we explored the best safari sites in Tanzania seeing 450 species of bird and 48 species of mammal. We began in Arusha National Park catching up with a great selection of African species including Black-fronted Bushshrike, Broad-tailed Warbler, Pangani Longclaw and Taveta Golden Weaver. We saw the incredibly rare Beesley’s Lark on the way to Tarangire, where an incredible encounter with an adult Leopard stole the show. Lake Manyara produced Crested Guineafowl, Purple-crested Turaco and Peter’s Twinspot, the Ngorongoro Crater was notable not only for the scenery but an incredible encounter with a Caracal. A superb Oriole Finch was just one of numerous great sightings here before we headed to the fabled Serengeti where we saw Yellow-throated Sandgrouse, Usambiro Barbet and witnessed the incredible Wildebeest migration, along with many spectacular wildlife sightings we are all more familiar with from t.v documentaries. This was a truly spectacular tour and it left us all longing to return and explore amazing Tanzania again.