Snow Leopards & Birds of Ladakh tour Intro


There can be few more evocative animals in the world than the cat family and to top these is of course the Tiger. But for some the most mystical and rarely seen Snow Leopard has become the most wanted to see cat in the world and still very few western people have ever seen this staggeringly beautiful creature in the wild and for many wildlife watchers this has become their "Holy Grail". We will be visiting an area of the Himalayas where our local guides have been watching Snow Leopards for over 10 years. Our spotters and guides are the very best available and indeed our main local guide is the same one that the BBC use to help them find the Snow Leopard for all there wonderful documentaries. Our chances of seeing Snow Leoparde are actually very high as the guides now know the habits and best places to look. We would be very surprised to not get several sighting during our time in Snow Leopard country. Of course we all know its wildlife and not a zoo, so no guarantees. What can make or break a tour like this is the ground crew and team we have that attend to our every need. Cooks, assistant cooks, spotters, and guides all help to make this a fantastic adventure. In fact we simply could not believe the quality of the food produced by our ground team on our last visit; they made cooked breakfast, porridge, hot drinks all day long, they even cooked pasties, pizza, an apple pie, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables and wherever we were during the daytime they would arrive with hot drinks and a hot meal. The best picnic lunches anywhere! So apart from our main goal of seeing Snow Leopard we will also keep a look out for other mammals of this part of the Himalayas such as Grey Wolf, Red Sheep, Lynx and Ladakh Urial. Amongst the birds we will search for Himalayan Snowcock, Solitary Snipe, Ibisbill, White-winged Redstart, Robin Accentor and Tibetan Snowfinch. If seeing Snow Leopards is on your life-time bucket list then join the very best team on our quest to see the "Grey Ghost".

Monday 22nd February - Monday 8th March 2021


Here are just a few of the key species we will be targetting on this tour:

  • Snow Leopard
  • Tibetan Wolf
  • Mountain Weasel
  • Blue Sheep
  • Asiatic Ibex
  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Royale's Pika
  • Ibisbill
  • Solitary Snipe
  • Robin Accentor
  • Lammergeier
  • Great Rosefinch
  • Twite
  • Tibetan Partridge 
  • Brandt's Mountain Finch 
  • White-winged Redstart
  • Tibetan Snowfinch 
  • Lammergeier    
  • Brown Accentor
  • Chukar
  • Hill Pigeon
  • White-browed Tit-Warbler
  • Wallcreeper
  • Red-fronted Serin
  • Great Rosefinch 

Leaders:  Nick Bray & local guides

Ground Price: £tba - Delhi/Delhi 

Airfare: £500.00 - £650.00 (Approx) - UK / UK

Single supplement: £TBA 

Deposit: £500.00

Included in cost: All Accommodation in hotels as above, then camping in two person tents, Homestay if you wish this option (see below), domestic flights Delhi - Leh/return, all meals from dinner on 25th Feb to breakfast on 11th March, all park entrance fees, transport throughout, all drinks including water, services of a team of 6 including cooks, assistants and spotters, top Leopard spotting guide,and Zoothera leaders.

Not included: International airfare, insurance, tips, and items of a personal nature.

Accommodation: All accomodations as stated above.  

Tour Code: This tour is focussed on looking for Snow Leopard with a lot of additional mammals and birds to see along the way. This tour has a few demands such as walking several kilometres at altitude, we do this at a slow pace and also allow time in Leh before we trek to camp to acclimatize. You will need to be prepared for cold weather during the vnights in particular and it can get down to minus 25 degrees. Please make sure you bring plenty of warm clothing to allow for this. We will provide a pack list so as you can prepare properly. In the hotel in Leh you will have a very comfortable room with heating at night, but the shower and sink will not have any running water as its still too cold and their pipes would freeze causing all sorts of problems. Instead they will provide large containers of hot water to use in your bathroom. Our ground crew while camping will provide hot water bottles and hot drinks are available all the time. The food is outstanding and prepared to suit western tastes. For those opting for a homestay this will involve possibly a 5 - 10 minute walk from the camp. All meals will be in the camp dining tent and you will just be using the homestay to sleep. The homestay are basic with you having a room for either 1 or 2 persons. There will be matresses on the floor and plenty of thick warm blankets. Each room has a log fire which will be lit in the evening to warm the room, and warm water is provided in buckets and bowls to wash in, as is the case with camping. The tiolets are also basic with a toilet tent and hole in the ground for camping and a seperate room in the home stay but also a hole in the floor. Note that we now provide where we can a western type toilet seat on legs to make life a little more comfy. During the day the temperature rise and can even be warm with no real need for a jacket. The daily walks are done slowly and may be up to 3 - 4 kilometres from camp. It is option whether you take the daily walks or just hang around camp which can be equally good for seeing Snow Leopards. This tour should be treated as an adventure, there may be a few hardships not nirmally assosiated with a wildlife tour, but note you are in a very remote part of the world looking for something very few people have ever seen. We feel the benefits outway the slight discomforts. I mean Wow what a story it is to tell everyone that you have been to the high Himalayas in search of Snow Leopard !