INDONESIA - THE MOLUCCAS Ambon, Kai, Buru, Boano, Seram & Tanimbar Extension

The region of Wallacea in Eastern Indonesia is a fascinating archipeligo of rarely visited, isolated islands that all have their own endemics and this tour visits several such islands beginning on Ambon for its sole endemic, Ambon White-eye. Moving on to Kai Kecil & Kai Besar via speedboat for a handful of endemics we will then head to Seram for 4 nights. Here we will look for the 15 or so endemics:  Seram Boobook, Salmon-crested Cockatoo, Blue-eared Lory, Seram Mountain-Pigeon, Seram Imperial-Pigeon, Streak-breasted Fantail, Seram Friarbird, Seram Honeyeater, Seram Leaf Warbler, Seram Bush Warbler, Seram Thrush, Seram Oriole, Rufescent Dark-eye, Grey-hooded White-eye and Long-crested Myna, We will then call into Boano for its endemic monarch before an exciting 5 night stay on Buru for 22 endemics: Buru Boobook, Buru Racket-tail, Black-lored Parrot, Blue-fronted Lorikeet, Buru Green-Pigeon, Buru Imperial Pigeon, Black-tipped Monarch, Buru White-eye, Buru Golden Bulbul, Buru Drongo, Buru Friarbird, Buru Flowerpecker, Buru Mountain Pigeon, Buru Cuckooshrike, Buru Bush Warbler, Buru Leaf Warbler,  Tawny-backed Fantail, Buru Oriole, Buru Jungle-Flycatcher, Buru Thrush, Buru Honeyeater, and the very rare Madanga (Rufous-throated Dark-eye) - formerly considered a white-eye, but now thought to be an abnormal, arboreal pipit. There is also a short extension to the Tanimbar Islands for 14 endemics: Tanimbar Megapode, Tanimbar Boobook, Tanimbar Corella, Blue-streaked Lorie, Tanimbar Cuckoo-dove, Tanimbar Friarbird, Fawn-breasted Thrush, Slaty-backed Thrush, Tanimbar Bush Warbler, Long-tailed Fantail, Loetoe Monarch, Tanimbar Flycatcher, Golden-bellied Flyrobin, Tanimbar Oriole, Tanimbar Starlings and White-browed Triller.This guarantees to be an exciting, endemic-filled ride visiting islands seldom visited by birders and sure to bump up your life lists!

Mon 7th - Sun 20th October 2024

Tanimbar Ext: 21st - 24th October


Here are just a few of the key species we will be targetting on this tour:

  • Tanimbar Megapode (ext)
  • Dusky Scrubfowl
  • Lesser Masked Owl
  • Seram Boobook
  • Buru Boobook
  • Tanimbar Boobook (ext)
  • Salmon-crested Cockatoo
  • Tanimbar Corella (ext)
  • Moluccan King Parrot
  • Black-lored Parrot
  • Red Lory
  • Blue-streaked Lory (ext)
  • Blue-eared Lory
  • Purple-naped Lory
  • Blue-fronted Lorikeet
  • Buru Racket-tail
  • Seram Imperial-Pigeon
  • Buru Imperial Pigeon
  • Seram Mountain-Pigeon
  • Buru Mountain Pigeon
  • Tanimbar Cuckoo-dove (ext)
  • Wallace’s Fruit-Dove (ext)
  • Buru Green-Pigeon
  • Seram Swiftlet
  • South Moluccan Pitta
  • Buru Cuckooshrike
  • Kai Cicadabird
  • Pale Cicadabird
  • Tanimbar Friarbird (ext)
  • Buru Friarbird
  • Seram Friarbird
  • White-browed Triller
  • Streak-breasted Fantail
  • Tawny-backed Fantail
  • Long-tailed Fantail (ext)
  • Tanimbar Flycatcher (ext)
  • Boano Monarch
  • Black-tipped Monarch
  • Loetoe Monarch (ext)
  • Buru Jungle Flycatcher
  • Golden-bellied Flyrobin (ext)
  • Seram Golden Bulbul
  • Buru Golden Bulbul
  • Seram Honeyeater
  • Olive Honeyeater
  • Buru Honeyeater
  • Seram Drongo
  • Buru Drongo
  • Buru Leaf Warbler
  • Seram Leaf Warbler
  • Kai Leaf Warbler
  • Seram Bush Warbler
  • Buru Bush Warbler
  • Tanimbar Bush Warbler (ext)
  • Ambon White-eye
  • Great Kai White-eye
  • Grey-hooded White-eye
  • Buru White-eye
  • Rufescent Dark-eye
  • Madanga
  • Buru Thrush
  • Seram Thrush
  • Fawn-breasted Thrush (ext)
  • Slaty-backed Thrush (ext)
  • Seram Oriole
  • Buru Oriole
  • Tanimbar Oriole (ext)
  • Buru Flowerpecker
  • Banda Myzomela (ext)
  • Seram Myzomela
  • Wakolo Myzomela
  • Long-crested Myna
  • Tanimbar Starling
Red Lory
Red Lory

Leaders: Nick Bray & Boas Emmanuel

Ground Price (Main): £3640.00 (provisional)  - Ambon/Ambon
Ground Price (Ext): £1150.00 (provisional) -    Ambon/Ambon

Airfare: £840 - £980 (approx) - UK/UK 

Single supplement Main: £300.00 (provisional)
Single supplement Ext: £125.00 (provisional)

Deposit: £500.00

Group size: Minimum for tour to go ahead 4 and maximum 7 with 2 leaders.

Included in cost: Accommodation in twin rooms mostly en-suite, all meals including picnic lunches where necessary, domestic flights, all entrance fees to National Parks, transport throughout in air-conditioned vehicles, and services of leaders. 

Not included: International airfare, insurance, visa fee upon arrival, departure taxes, excess luggage charges, drinks, tips and items of a personal nature.

Accommodation: Ranges from basic to good. We will stay in the best available lodge/guest house close to the birding sites we visit to cut-out the necessity of any long drives before reaching the best birding areas each day.

Tour Code: This is a relatively adventurous tour where many early starts and several late finishes when owling, can be expected. Sometimes there is time off during the middle of the day to relax. Most of our birding walks will be of a usual birding pace, apart from a couple of excursions which are very strenuous. Expect a typically tropical climate with most days being hot and humid, with the montane areas being a little cooler and some rain can be expected. Please note that several of the lodges and hotels we use have 'tropical temperature' showers and do not have hot water.