Flight Bookings Made Easy:

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More and more companies are excluding the flight cost from their itineraries simply because there are so many options on routes to take, airlines to use and incentives such as airmiles. In line with this you will find that Zoothera have taken the flight costs out of their tours. Some people think this may be an inconvenience but rest assured nothing could be easier with regard to booking your flight in connection with any of our tours. Each tours information has details on how this can be done, and if you have any concerns or problems with this then please contact us and we can help.

We have been organising tours since 1997 and since then travel has changed dramatically. No longer are airfares predictable enough to be able to include within a tour cost and any companies doing so will most certainly have to inflate the price or pass on a supplement at a later stage.

In general the best flight prices are obtained 9 - 11 months from expected departure date. With many people leaving it late to book, the prices would have inevitably increased. With this in mind you should always book a tour as early as possible to secure better flight options.


Zoothera have an excellent relationship will Dial-a-Flight who can check, reserve and book your flight to either depart and arrive with the rest of our group, or customise your flight to go earlier, come back later, up-grade your seating options, go with a particular airline, avoid a particular airline, vary your route and indeed book overnight airport accommodations whether here or abroad.

Nothing could be easier than calling our agent "Shane" at Dial-a-Flight on 01732 591470. We have given you a flight refrence number to quote at the bottom of all tour itineraries with the Flight Booking information, please quote this as it refers to a particular tour and makes booking simple.

Being able to organise your own flights is something many of our clients have been doing for years. This does allow you to budget a flight that suits your requirements while at the same time fits in with our time schedule. By getting the flight at a cost that is acceptable to you, it will soon become apparent that Zoothera tour costs when added to a flight cost offer arguably the very best prices to all of their advertised destinations.

If you want to discuss flight or travel options with us or our agent at Dial-a-Flight then we are all here to make life easy and to see that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Contact Zoothera on (UK) 01803 431765  -  info@zootherabirding.com

or "Shane" at Dial-a-Flight on 01732 591470 or 01732 593196. Note that Shanes hours often include Sundays and from Midday to Late Evening